The Right To Wind In Your Hair

Welcome to Cycling without age England and Wales

We are part of ‘Cycling Without Age’ a non-profit global initiative. England and Wales has a growing number of local chapters run by volunteers.

Volunteers take older people and those with mobility difficulties out on ‘trishaw’ cycle rides. Our trishaws are three-wheel cycles with a passenger cab out front and is motor assisted.

Our rides are comfortable, fun and free. They enable people to experience the city and nature close-up from the bicycle. It also helps them regain important social connections. 

Our volunteers and passengers enjoy the physical and emotional benefits.

2 trishaws with passengers dressed warmly and volunteer cyclists in high visibility jackets.

Find out if there’s a chapter near you.

We have chapters across England and Wales. Each chapter is independent and run by volunteers who take passengers out on trishaw cycles.

See where our chapters are

2 elderly passengers on a trishaw with a volunteer cyclist smiling for the camera

Start a chapter in your community

Getting started with a Cycling Without Age chapter is an amazing experience. We have a simple Affiliate model to help individuals or groups become part of the movement.

Find out how to start a chapter

Side profile view of a volunteer driving a trishaw along the seafront

Bike sales & servicing

Find out where you can buy trishaws, accessories and have bikes serviced with our trishaw partners.

Watch this BBC video about how a medical student is trying to end loneliness with trishaws

3 minute video

Watch this video by BBC radio Nottingham

3 minute video