About us

Find out who we are and how we started.

Group of volunteers and trishaw passengers smiling and waving

Who we are

We are part of ‘Cycling Without Age’ a non-profit global initiative, founded in Copenhagen in 2012. Our guiding principles are of generosity, slowness, storytelling, relationships and without age.

England & Wales has a growing number of local chapters. Each local chapter is run by volunteers. It is important that each Chapter keeps its own identity but working together as a group we can make a difference.

Two passengers in red jackets and a volunteers cycling waving

What we do

Our volunteer pilots take people out on ‘trishaw’ cycle rides to feel the wind in their hair. We help older people and those with mobility difficulties. Our rides are comfortable, fun and free. They enable people to experience the city and nature close-up from the bicycle.

We bring generations closer together using special trishaws. These are three-wheel cycles with a passenger cab out front. Our trishaws have electrical power assist, so there’s no need to be super-sporty to be a volunteer.

Close up of two elderly passengers and a volunteer smiling

How we help

We help people to regain social connection. It’s a chance for people to tell their story in the environment where they have lived their lives. Our work builds bridges between generations and reinforces trust, respect and community. Our cycle pilots and passengers alike enjoy the physical and emotional well-being benefits.

Find out how it all started in Copenhagen

Founder Ole Kassow talks about Cycling without Age in this 4 minute video.