Cycling without age England and Wales

We help older people and those with mobility difficulties enjoy nature and socialise through trishaw rides

Our rides are comfortable, fun and free

Volunteers take people out on a trishaw ride.  A trishaw is a three-wheel cycle with a passenger cab out front that is motor assisted.

We are across England and Wales

We are made up of chapters across England and Wales. Each chapter is independent and run by volunteers.

Our passengers and volunteers benefit

We help people to regain social connection. Our work builds bridges between generations and reinforces trust, respect and community. Our volunteers and passengers alike enjoy the physical and emotional well-being benefits.

2 trishaws with passengers dressed warmly and volunteer cyclists in high visibility jackets.

Find out if there’s a chapter near you.

We have chapters across England and Wales. Each chapter is independent and run by volunteers who take passengers out on trishaw cycles.

See where our chapters are

2 elderly passengers on a trishaw with a volunteer cyclist smiling for the camera

Start a chapter in your community

Getting started with a Cycling Without Age chapter is an amazing experience. We have a simple Affiliate model to help individuals or groups become part of the movement.

Find out how to start a chapter

Side profile view of a volunteer driving a trishaw along the seafront

Bike sales & servicing

Find out where you can buy trishaws, accessories and have bikes serviced with our trishaw partners.

Watch this BBC video about how a medical student is trying to end loneliness with trishaws

3 minute video

Watch this video by BBC radio Nottingham

3 minute video