Cycling Without Age UK Membership

Register here to become a member of Cycling Without Age UK, charity number 1182812. By becoming a member you support a great cause helping millions of elderly people beat social isolation and loneliness by engaging them in joyous trishaw rides with volunteers.

Membership categories and annual fees

  • Collective memberships (other registered charities): £50 per year
  • Individual memberships: £10 per year

Register and pay your membership fee by pressing the donate button on this page.

Save The Date: Attend the Annual General Meeting

By registering and paying you support our cause and you get to vote at the AGM and run to become a trustee.

The first Annual General Meeting will take place during the autumn of 2019. The time and specific location will be announced shortly.

We hope to see as many of you as possible.

Warm and excited regards from the founding trustees of Cycling Without Age UK
Simon, Katie and Ole


“It’s living again”

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