Welcome to the Sheffield Chapter!

Cycling Without Age (CWA) Sheffield is a group of volunteer cyclists taking elderly care home residents out in a cycle tri-shaw (named “Rhubarb”) to ‘feel the wind in their hair’. If Cycling Without Age is new to you, see the BBC3 Amazing Humans clip for an insight into what is involved and how it improves the quality of lives.

About the Sheffield Chapter

Rhubarb is a specially adapted tri-bike (three-wheeled, e-bike) which has space for two passengers at the front, pedal-powered by one ‘pilot’. Each trip starts from the care home and will take two passengers out for a ride around quiet roads and local parks, giving them the chance to notice the seasons, see what has changed locally and to share memories. Our cycle pilots are all volunteers committed to slow safe cycling and chatting with our passengers.

Sheffield is a city renowned for its green spaces so is ideal for nature lovers, young and old.  Built on seven hills we are very happy that Rhubarb has an electric motor to help us out when required.

Chapter Status & Plans

“Rhubarb” landed in Sheffield in March 2019, followed shortly by the successful launch in Weston Park (see local paper report).

Following the pilot, training Rhubarb can now be seen out and about taking residents from care homes local to Broomhall, Sharrow and Nether Edge to nearby parks and green spaces.

We hope in the longer term to attract more volunteers and apply for additional funding to base tri-shaws at different locations around Sheffield and work with care homes across the city.

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