Cycling Without Age Oxfordshire

Our aim, through our love of communities and the bicycle, is to bring people together to enjoy the simple pleasures of a bicycle ride and the company of others. 

Our hope is that these rides will make happy memories for our volunteers and their passengers for years to come, helping them to feel more connected to the people and places where they live. 

How Cycling Without Age Oxfordshire Works

The concept could not be more simple. We provide specially built and equipped trishaw bicycles and work with volunteers to take people within our communities out on bicycle rides. We do this because we believe that everyone has the right to the wind in their hair, whatever their age or ability.

It could be a ride to the river to feed the ducks, watch the world go by, or to enjoy the hustle and bustle of a ride into the local town. Social isolation has been a rising concern in the past however, with the help of the humble bicycle and a group of dedicated volunteers, we hope to change all.

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Help us Reach Help More Local People

We’re fundraising get our first 3 bikes to bring more smiles and reduce social isolation in Oxfordshire

We have our first trishaw and we think it’s amazing. Over the years we know that it will become a lifeline to so many people in Oxfordshire who may be at risk of social isolation. Having 3 bikes by the end of 2020 will help us help more local people.

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